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  • Explore the famous 3rd Tunnel and many historic sites
  • Observe North Korean villages and people at the closest point
  • Witness North Korean soldiers facing up and close
  • Visit the actual scene of ""Axe Murder Incident

THE Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

The DMZ is considered in be an active Military Region; there was never a “final peaceful settlement” after the signing of Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953; to this day it is one of the most heavily guarded military sites in the world. Yet it is considered quite safe. We conduct daily tours to both the Joint security area (JSA) and the Demilitarized Zone.

The Joint Security Area (JSA)

The DMZ is the general border line between the two halves of Korea; the JSA is the connection across this border, guarded by both sides. It has the conference buildings that have been the home of many negotiations.

  • This is the only divided country in the World, and the only place you can witness North and South Korea forces.
  • Visit the third underground tunnel (The Tunnel of Aggression), over a kilometre long and designed to carry military and vehicles. This could have been North Korea’s way to start a war.
  • The relative isolation of the DMZ has inadvertently created a wildlife preserve. There are many species of animal and plant that are rare or unknown elsewhere.
  • The number of visitors to the DMZ and has increase by 30% over the last few years. It remains an increasingly popular site for all tourists.

Our DMZ JSA tour collect you and cover all transport for the day. We also provide professional guides, with tours organized according to the language of the group.

All individuals must have a valid passport. All South Koreans must arrange a detailed ID check from the Ministry of Unification well in advance of the tour.

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DMZ + JSA Tour Packages


  • Unification Bridge

  • Camp Bonifas

  • Freedom House

  • Conference Room of MAC (Military Armistice Commission)

  • UN Guard Post Three

  • Focal Point of Axe Murder Incident

  • Bridge of No Return

  • Imjingak Park

  • DMZ theatre and exhibition hall
  • The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel

  • Dora Observatory

  • Dorasan Station

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  • Hotel pick-up and transportation by air-conditioned vehicles