JSA Tour


  • A place of education where you can see the sorrow of Koreans they went through from the tragedy of the territorial division and the fratricidal war
  • The only JSA tour that you can visit within this divided country, Korea, the ‘JSA’ zone.
  • You can see the North Korean army right in front of your eyes, such an exciting opportunity
  • A thrilling visit to the ‘Bridge of No return’ within JSA, you cannot return if you cross over it.
  • Visiting the actual scene of the ‘axe murder case’ inside of JSA, where this terrible and cruel brutality happened by the North Korean army.
  • An interesting expedition to the third guard-post in JSA, which is near the civilian housing of North Korea.


The JSA is on the western side of the Korean border. It is the only place where North and South troops, as well as some international representative, jointly stand guard. It is also the site where all diplomatic negotiations take place. In 1953 a temporary peace agreement was signed on the place where the JSA now stands. A permanent treaty was meant to be forthcoming, but never materialized.

Tourism of the JSA has been popular for many years, with about 100 000 visitors per year. As there is no public transport to and from the JSA or DMZ the tour group are collected from their hotels and transported for the length of the tour.

jsa The Military Armistice Conference Room jsa Panmunjom


  • See the Military Armistice Room (MAC) room where the treaty was signed and where all diplomatic negotiations take place. This room literally overlaps the border between the two sides.
  • United Nations Guard post three, the closest you will get to entering North Korea.
  • The Bridge of No Return, joining the two countries
  • The site and memorial of the 1976 axe murder incident.
  • Freedom House, partly established by the Red Cross.
  • Camp Bonifas, where you be formally inspected and briefed regarding rules for your visit.
  • The most dangerous golf course in the world, surrounded by minefields.

All JSA tours are arranged in groups with a common language. The Professional jsa tour guide will conduct the tour in the same language.

Individuals must wear neat clothing that covers arms and legs, with no tearing or damage. The North Koreans have been known to photography visitors and make propaganda claims about their poor quality clothing and lifestyle.

Because the JSA was constructed on and near the now abandoned village of Panmunjom any reference to this area often confuses the village’s name with the JSA.

JSA Tour Packages

Tong-il (Unification) Bridge

The North side of Tongil Bridge is a Civilian Control Zone, it is the first gateway to DMZ.
Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, when people cross over the Tong-il Bridge, they need to obtain permission.
In case of foreigners, they need to show their passports, and Korean should show their ID cards, then they can cross over the bridge.
And this bridge is also renowned because of Jung Joo Young, the founder of Hyundai Group. They visited North Korea through this bridge with 500 cattle in 1998.

Panmoonjeom – Camp Bonifas

Camp Bonifas is the command post of the United Nation forces inside of Panmoonjeom.
At this location, solders who are in charge, boards the bus and examines your attire and identification once more.
At the JSA national security centre inside of the Camp Bonifas, they give a briefing about the Panmoonjeom visitation.
There is a golf course called Par 3 One Hall Gold Course made of artificial turf inside of the Camp Bonifas. It is called ‘the most dangerous golf course’ because surrounded around the three sides of the club are minefields.

House of Freedom

There are the ‘House of Freedom’ and the ‘House of Peace,’ at the Southside of the Panmoonjum area, and ‘Panmoongak Pavilion’ and ‘Tongilgak Pavilion’ is located on the Northside.The Red Cross of both the South and North Korea established a regular liaison office and two direct phone line for the South and North liaison business in the ‘House of Freedom’ and ‘Panmoongak Pavilion'.This is a joint security area by the United Nation Force and ROK army, foreign tourist whom have their passport can visit this place. Others like Korean citizen and foreigners need to go through other prescribed procedure.

The Military Armistice Conference Room

The Military Armistice Conference Room within JSA is where the military armistice conference took place after the agreement of ceasefire of the South and North in 1953.
In the conference room, the UN flag lays on the long table, the Military Demarcation Line passes through under the table. Because of the face expression and appearance of soldiers who guard the place, the indoor of the conference room is the most silence and tight area.

JSA Tour - The Military Armistice Conference Room JSA Tour - The Military Armistice Conference Room

The 3rd Observatory

This place is where the two U.S. Military generals were murdered by 50~60 North Korean soldiers while they were making an ordering to have the branches of the willow tree trimed.
Near the 3rd observatory of the UN Forces, the Southside of the Bridge of No Return, they were leading and guarding while 5 Korean workers where trimming the branches. Then the two North Korean Army generals and a group of privates appeared and asked ‘not to cut off branches.’ When guards of our side ignored and kept working, suddenly dozens of North Korean soldiers ran into the south with a truck, and swung axes, iron sticks, and other paddles and assaulted people. They murdered the two U.S. army generals and there were 9 major and minor casualties.
After the incident, the USFK and ROK army prepared for a combat; however, Kim Il-Sung, the head of the North Korea at that time apologized, so the case was concluded.

Bridge of No Return

This bridge is where the North and South refugees’ goes through repatriation, when they cross over the bridge once, they are never able to return, which is why this is named as ‘Bridge of No Return.’
The Military Demarcation Line of the North and South passes through the middle part of this bridge, and at each end of the bridge, guards are posted at each side of the bridge.

JSA Tour is consisted a historical site where you can see the sorrow history of the division between the North and South.

Let us visit the historical place of sorrow, which is the opposite of the fabulous and developed area of South Korea. JSA Panmoonjeom tour is only available through the approved tour agencies by Korea government. DMZTour2Korea, a sub-brand of Cosmojin, is a leading approved JSA tour specialized company!

JSA Tour, an efficient and effective tour that starts from the hotel where you are staying at in Seoul with an English speaking guide.