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Korean Folk Village Tour


  • Tour time 13:00 – 17:30
  • Min. numbers 1
  • Itinerary Hotel → Korean Folk Village → Amethyst or Ginseng Center → Hotel

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The Korean Folk Village, which attracts many local as well as international visitors, features reproductions of life in the late Joseon period. Set on an expansive 243-acre site, the village features the cultures and lifestyles of each social class, with 260 or so restored traditional houses and 30,000 folk materials and artefacts on exhibit.

Visitors can see how the Joseon people lived, thanks to the reproduced farmhouse, commoner’s house, government office, school, blacksmith, marketplace, and the nobleman’s house (yangban) with 99 kans. It was forbidden for any private house except a royal palace to be larger than 99 kans in Josun dynasty which each kan is the space between four columns, roughly 3.3 square meters) It would take about half a day to take a careful look around, but it is also possible to see major attractions in about one and half hours.


Travel to the Korean Folk Village to see a functioning community displaying the diversity of Korean lifestyle and culture of several centuries ago. See a wide assortment of residential structures from the straw-thatched cottages of commoners to the 99-room mansions of the noble class, preserving some of the country’s rich traditional and cultural heritage. Peopled by real artisans and craftsmen dressed in traditional costumes, they ply their trades. Get a close look at numerous workshops doing their jobs, demonstrating centuries-old craftsmanship in the art of pottery, blacksmith, bamboo craft, traditional Korean paper manufacturing, wooden craft, glazed pottery, straw craft, willow craft, handheld fans, paper craft, cotton looms, silk looms, straw shoes, smoke pipes, and brassware.

In addition, the village offers farmer’s music and dance and tight rope walking acrobatics performance on a daily basis. A traditional marketplace offers the exotic flavours of Korean cuisine from different regions. Shops stock a variety of traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.

Why Our Insiders Chose This Tour

Get up close to TV drama sets which are still being used for historical dramas. Bring your camera as you might encounter Korean TV stars!


  • Farmer’s Houses- Traditional Kiln.
  • Governor’s Office- Nobleman’s Residence.
  • Farmer’s Dance and Music.
  • Workshops.
  • Traditional Market Place.
  • World best Gingeng exhibition centre or Amethyst shopping centre.

Tour Condition

  • In case of heavy traffic during National Holidays this tour may be cancelled.
  • The Korean Traditional Performance will be canceled in case of rain or snow.